Ken Shiozaki

Japanese Painting

Proverbs, maxims, nursery rhymes, folk tales, metaphors, and characters from ancient mythology are the source of my creative inspiration. Once these words have passed through the filter of my perception, characters are given images. A wide range of mystical creatures lurk within my mind, waiting for their turn to be given expression through my paintings.
Once a painting has been completed and I set my brush aside, I can sit back and enjoy looking at my work. But at the same time, I cannot help but feel a sense of regret seep in as I know I will have to let go of the “something” that needed to be expressed on the canvas.


Born Machida, Tokyo


Completed Tama Art University, Japanese Painting (Nihonga) Department
Joined Rengeji main hall ceiling painting project (Nakano-ku, Tokyo Rengeji)


Tama Art University Graduate School of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Japanese Painting (Nihonga)


Exhibition “Future the Movie, Japanese paintings” (Aichi)
“Contemporary Japanese painting Wonderland” (Gunma / Takasaki Tower Museum)


“Mitsukoshi Japanese Painting Special Exhibition” (Sendai Mitsukoshi)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken – COMICALIZE” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition, (Sapporo Daimaru Tokyo Daimaru)


Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Something Precious Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan, annually)


Exhibition “perspective of 7 +7 up-and-coming artists” (Daimaru Sapporo)
“Art Fair Tokyo 2010″ (Tokyo International Forum / Gallery Seizan booth)
Rinzai school Myoshinji Ryugenji Project (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japanese Painting Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)


Japanese painting group exhibition “From Now” (Mitsukoshi Sapporo, Mitsukoshi Hiroshima)
Art Festival featuring contemporary young artists (Matsuyama Mitsukoshi)
Group Exhibition, “Kaleidoscope” Young Japanese Painters Exhibition (Daimaru Shinsaibashi)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Now/Then, a story. Japanese Painting” (Sendai Mitsukoshi)


Solo exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japanese Painting” (Daimaru Shinsaibashi)


Group Exhibition “SENSU Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japan Exhibition” (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi) Group Exhibition “SENSU Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japan Exhibition” (Tobu Ikebukuro)


Group Exhibition “Hyakki Yakkou” (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japan Exhibition -Esoragoto-” (Sendai Mitsukoshi)
Production of the Shingonshu Inariyama Komyoin temple gate ceiling painting (Kanagawa Prefecture / Inariyama Komyoin)