Toru Tanno (b. 1968)


Born in Tokyo, Japan


Early career as a music producer across Europe and Asia

Since the early 2000’s, Japanese photographer Toru Tanno has been utilizing his digital camera as a medium for exploring and preserving parts of nature that he belives are rapidly dissapearing from the world as human society continues to industralize to every corner of the globe. His monumental project, Subterranean, which includes Rhinoceros 2 (2017) and Cathedral (2016), pits the artist against an ever shifting planet to document the still untouched and undiscovered parts of the world before they are gone forever. Originally a poet and music producer, Tanno traveled extensively through Europe and Asia in his youth as a part of  “Rave Culture,” and bought his first camera, an Olympus E-520 in 2009. His first ventures into photography focused on the human form, which later evolved into his fascination with primordial beauty. 

selected solo exhibitions


Toru Tanno Solo Exhibition (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)


Upcoming Solo Exhibition (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)

Selected group exhibitions


Café Gallery CROW Group Exhibition (Tokyo)


"Deconstructing, Toru Tanno and Araki Araki"(Tokyo)


Dual Exhibition, Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo International Forum, SEIZAN Gallery Booth, Tokyo)